Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The annual fundraising gala for the Society for the Advance of Floral Design is coming up on April 30th. This floral gala showcases at least 22 unique and breathtaking tablescapes featuring various themes complimented by fresh florals. The tables are impeccably dressed with linens and tableware with attention to detail. You will be amazed at the creativity of the designers, who range from novice and hobby designers through florists holding a variety of certifications up through the AIFD level. This is not a competition, but a feast for the eyes for all who attend.

SAFD is a 501c(3) organization that provides floral centerpieces for the fundraising efforts of charitable organizations; scholarships and und
erwriting for Texas State Florists' Association; flowers for nursing homes, assisted living centers, memory care centers, hospice care; and provides monthly educational meetings and for anyone interested in floral design. Member workshops and bus trips related to floral design are also offered. Tickets to the gala include dinner and complimentary valet parking. Proceeds of the event along with silent auction and raffles support our ongoing efforts to bring floral beauty to the lives of others.

Tickets: $50, contact Sharon Cofran
sregcofran@comcast.net, 713-594-1587

Please visit our website and blog to learn more about our organization and to see pictures from our various functions:

To see photos from previous galas, visit: 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

March Presentation with Yoshi Sakamoto

Yoshi Sakamoto presented traditional and modern styles of Ikebana! Ikebana is the Japanese style of floral design. The word Ikebana means floral arrnaging in English! :) 

Here is Yoshi Sakamoto and his partner and assistant Ron

Ron is showing off the Sweet Pea branches

Silk arrangement

O design Yoshi made at the Spring Workshop earlier that evening.

This was the sample design used during the workshop

It is usually traditional to not use floral foam for Ikebana styled designs because Ikebana usually consists of natural and simple mechanics except for vases. This day and age, you can sometimes cheat! :) Yoshi did use cut rose stems and placed them inside the vase to help anchor the floral foam instead of using floral anchor tape. 

The spiky round thing in the bowl is called a "frog". This item helps to keep stems straight and in place. As a general rule, you cut stems diagonally, or at an angle to help stems suck up water and to pierce floral foam. However, when using the frog, you should cut the stems straight across.

Here are some of the books Yoshi uses! 

Spring Workshop with Yoshi Sakamoto

Yoshi Sakamoto taught a wonderful Ilebana "O" design to SAFD members! We had such a wonderful time and everyone made beautiful arrangements! Thank you Yoshi for your great instruction!

Yoshi Sakamoto with his finished design!

We had a full room!

Here are everyone's finished designs!!!